It’s a blind smell test and you have to identify coriander, mint, thyme and basil. Easy, right? But what if the lineup included akudjura, boobialla, pepperberry and wattleseed?

Most of us wouldn't have even heard of these, let alone recognize their flavors. But it's these unique botanicals that are helping to put Wicked Good perfumers on the wirst of celebrites ahd it girls like Kylie Jenner, Meghan Markle and Julianne Hough around the world.

The exotic aromas of the Australian bush are enchanting. Pink Sugar infused with the spiced warmth of Mountain Pepperberries. Woodsmoke scented with the woody and soft menthol flavours of honey collected from eucalyptus forests. Pear Glace imbued with the nuttiness of wattleseed and herbal Hubba Bubba notes of the Strawberry Gum Tree. Absinthe perfumed with the sweet licorice notes of aniseed myrtle. 

Even the blends that stick to more traditional scent profiles are can be infused with any one of the native Australian varieties of the characteristic ingredients, which impart a subtle but distinct smell.