In the past year, Hygee, the concept of Scandinavian coziness has made inroads with an international audience. Helen Russell, a British journalist who wrote “The Year of Living Danishly,” defines the term as “taking pleasure in the presence of gentle, soothing things,” like a freshly brewed cup of coffee and cashmere socks. 

It's a practical way of creating sanctuary in the middle of very real life. Winter is the most hygge time of year. It is candles, cableknit sweaters, shearling vests, cozy socks, pastries, lattes with milk-foam hearts, and a warm fireplace.

From warming bowls of porridge to candlelit dinners, we explore how to achieve the Danes' coveted 'hygge'.  Here are our favorite warm + cozy scents to help you get through the long, dark winter.

Apple Cinnamon

The crisp, slightly tart apple slices sprinkled with freshly ground cinnamon is both warm and comforting. 


Chai Perfume is like a drive through an exotic marketplace with the windows rolled down. This rich, robust fragrance blend of black tea will fill your senses, while the cinnamon, spicy ginger and fragrant cardamom flirtatiously grab the steering wheel to take you in another direction. A must-have tea lovers.

Citron Fig

If warm and spicy isn;t your thing, try this cozy blend. The warm sweetness of fig blends with zesty ginger and the tang of lemon and mandarin  over an intriguing base of fig, spice, amber and white musk. The result is a fragrance of citrusy bursts and sweet authenticity. 


The queientsential botaincal scents. It's both warm and inviting, yet clean and fresh.  A divine blend of sweet orange, eucalyptus, amber patchouli and ylang ylang. It's a bit earthy with a mellow dry down. It lingers, in a good way. 

Tobacco Caramel

You'd find this scent in a 19th century apothecary: a leather club chair, bourbon on the rocks, a gently wafting pipe, dark woods. The sweet sugary caramel balances the earthy tones.

Vanilla Noir

A hypnotic blend of dark vanilla bean, black amber and exotic spices. Our perfumers used their art to transform Madagascar vanilla into a pure glamorous perfume made of dark vanilla beans, black plum, bergamot and dark, seductive musk. 


Fragrant woody, herbal scented smoke rises high, releasing the aroma of the most treasured incense ingredient in the world. Cultivated only a few times per year, this rare essence imparts an overall sense of well being.